UPS Lite V1.2 UPS Power HAT Board With Battery for Raspberry Pi Zero / Zero W

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Battery back-up / UPS module to suit Raspberry Pi Zero.

Built in status monitoring. Battery module is included (1000mAh).

V1.2 version removes the seldom used serial port function.
The battery-powered circuit is optimised, the ultra-low on-resistance MOS is used for power supply control, which improves the battery life.
Standby time is up to 6 hours (test condition: using Pi Zero W, turn on the network and print out the power parameters every 2 seconds).
Charging current: 400mA
Output voltage: 5V ±0.1V
Output current: 1.3A@5V (Without external power adapter, only battery powered)
                              2A@5V (With external power adapter)
Electricity measurement accuracy: error±2%



Package list:

  • 1 x UPS Lite with 1000mAh battery

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