Raspberry Pi 3 Premium Kit

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The Raspberry Pi 3 Premium Kit is a great starter kit which contains what you need to get up and running with the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B.All you need is an input device such as a mouse, keyboard and your imagination. Simply connect your Raspberry Pi 3 board to a TV or monitor using the included HDMI cable, and switch on. The SD card is pre-installed with NOOBS which provides a simple way to install the various operating systems (OS) that are available for Pi. There is also a Raspberry Pi 3B case which is ideal for housing and protecting your board while you tinker. A Raspberry Pi kit is a great way to pick up all the essentials at once.

What is in the Raspberry Pi 3 Premium Kit?


  • Raspberry Pi 3 B Computer Board
  • Official Raspberry Pi USB Power Supply
  • Official Raspberry Pi HDMI Cable
  • Premium Raspberry Pi Case
  • Micro-SD card with operating system - New Out Of Box Software (NOOBS)