Retro gaming with a Pi

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Well it has been a while since I have done a little Pi project and what with some people still trapped inside and others of us having binge watched too many shows, it might be time to have some fun. 

Now I have some old games consoles. My kids play with my original handheld Gameboy, but the screen is super small and with a bit of sun it is not the best. I also have the old family Atari games system. You know the one, the wood panel look of the 80’s, but is has broken parts and would take some soldering and a bit more effort than I am probably willing to put in, if I am honest.

So, do I work on fixing up the Atari, try to get the gameboy some new games? 

retro gaming hardware

Hmm, nope, time to get a Raspberry Pi and have some new tech do some fun old stuff. You know, fun stuff because, well it is fun. If you need an excuse, it is a history lesson for your kids; a learning project for your confidence in Raspberry Pi’s; some entertainment at your next function.. oh the excuses are endless. 

So all the info on how to do this is located at I will be able to get my kids playing all the games I used to play, if I really want to go old school and dust of the woodworking workshop (aka the garage with some tools), I could make it into an actual arcade system in the “pool room”, if only I had one of those...

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