What's our story anyway?

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So, you stumbled upon FreshTek. Looks just like any other online store right?

You have questions, that's fair. Let me see if I can answer a few obvious ones. Then we'll follow up with more of the background and future plans in other posts.

Who's behind the store front?

We are a small group of family members and friends. Our skill sets and interests are broad but they overlap, which probably leads to your next question...

You seem to sell a fairly eclectic (really random!) collection of items - why?

That's true, though most fall under the umbrella of being technology oriented or something to make your life a little easier or more efficient. We are a small team but we feel we can provide support for any product we source and sell. Our average age is around 40-45, we have kids (some of whom are also part of the FreshTek team), we have broad work and life experiences and a willingness to share what we know.

Why would I buy from you instead of someone else?

Great question! We are super aware that you have a choice. Basically our approach is to 'turn the tables' and 'put ourselves in your shoes' to use a couple of corny terms. What I mean is, we are consumers too. When we buy, we appreciate being kept informed, getting honest advice when we ask for it, being rewarded for loyalty and we're happy to pay a fair price for products and good old fashioned service. So with everything we do, we ask ourselves "If I was the customer, what would I want? How would I like to be treated?"

Please take a minute and browse our current collections or leave us some feedback.



Until next time... Gary

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