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As we gather around the campfire again, you may notice that we’re progressively adding to our range of products. We do this as we get enough requests, we want to expand on ranges with good sales rates or one of us simply sees something we find useful and think you might too.

You may also notice that we drop some items out of our range. That can also be for multiple reasons. Sometimes the suppliers no longer stock it. Sometimes it's feedback or quality of samples that leaves us electing to drop a product. Sometimes we were just plain wrong and what we thought was an attractive product, just wasn’t! That’s ok, we don’t mind being wrong. We’re adaptable people and not afraid to experiment, switch things up and move on. Our goal is to keep improving.

While we’re chatting about ‘drops’, I’d like to fill you in on how and where we deliver our items from. We are a ‘hybrid drop shipping’ business.

WTF !? (What The Fresh) is ‘drop shipping’ you ask? Another great question, you guys are good at this! Don’t worry, none of the process involves us literally dropping your products.

Drop Shipping is where we sell products that aren’t sitting in our own warehouse, they are in a 3rd party warehouse or housed directly by the manufacturer. When you place an order with us, it gets passed directly to the warehouse or manufacturer and they ship directly to you on our behalf. This allows us to offer a range of products without tying up large amounts of capital for stock and warehouse space. It also allows us to outsource some of the packing and handling, which is helpful when things get busy as we grow. Right now we use third parties based in USA, Canada, UK & China.

We aren't unique in the drop shipping thing. Plenty of big and small companies use this model. When you buy a new iPhone or MacBook from Apple online for example, it will be shipped to you directly from a China based warehouse most of the time.

I say we are a hybrid drop shipper because we also have our own warehouse space and we carry local stock right here in Australia. We are expanding that stock progressively, typically with items that are popular and have high turnover.

One of our key aims is to get you the products you buy as quickly as possible. That continues to be a challenge in this crazy COVID-19 world we all find ourselves in, with delays on both international and local shipping/postage services recently. Rest assured we will do our best to have your purchase in your hands ASAP.


On that note, I better get busy. Feel free to browse the store while you’re here, rate our products or provide any feedback. We want to hear from you.


Until next time - Gary

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