October observations

Posted by Gary Walker on

Well, things have certainly been busy here at FreshTek. I hope you all are keeping busy too, while also managing some 'chill time' with this COVID situation still rolling on?

We're seeing a lot of sales from our Raspberry Pi range. Obviously a lot of you are taking some time to experiment and learn about technology or software programming/development. Good for you!

Speaking of technology and gadgets, lots of other items have been very popular. Like our battery bases for Amazon Echo or Google/Nest mini smart speakers, wireless phone chargers and many more.

We have been doing our best to increase the number and quantity of items we stock here in Australia. You will notice a lot of items now show where they ship from, so you can get a better idea of how long or short the wait will be. International shipping times have been improving but we're still seeing some random delays, mostly with customs clearance times.

Another thing you have probably noticed, one of our clothing suppliers has sold out of a lot of their stock. So we've opted to temporarily remove the range of fitness/gym gear until supply levels have returned. Hats, hoodies, t-shirts and other items are all still available.

We'll be adding more items and collections in the lead up to Christmas. Keep an eye out for the gift items you might want. And there always our gift cards if you want to take the easy option !

Have a great day. Until next time, stay safe !


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